The Evolution Tax Network

We provide Long Island Tax and Accounting Professionals tools and resources to help them start, build, grow and scale their businesses. Through collaboration within our network of peers, we are embracing the newest innovations and technology to improve and modernize the small business tax/accounting industry. We help our partners operate more efficient businesses, add more revenue via access to complementary financial products and services, and focus on improving their client’s experience. Come and join the Evolution Tax Network and help us on our journey to more profitable businesses, better work life balances, and a better culture around this opportunistic industry!

What We Do

Buy/Sell a Portfolio

Starting or scaling your business? 75% of CPAs are set to retire by 2025. We can help you acquire part of their exit.

Looking to sell your tax business in the next 5 years?  It’s never too early to start the transition. We can help make this Process smoother for you and your clients.

Access Innovative Technology to Streamline Business Operations

As technology advances quickly, independent accounting business do not.  Through collaboration with industry professionals like you, we identify and embrace the best technology to build better, faster, and more efficient systems and operations.

Access Highly Profitable Financial Products and Services to Cross Sell to your Clients

While other industries capture this business with the corporation’s best interests in mind, we help you identify and facilitate these solutions for your clients with your clients best interest in mind. Seamlessly add these profitable revenue streams to your current business operations.

We all get caught up in the accounting part of our business. Let's start focusing on the Business part... After all, we are Business Owners...